UTC Ultra Wire

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The UTC Ultra Wire, in the Small size, is the perfect material for ribbing bodies on small flies like zebra midges. This wire is tough enough to stand up to even the toothiest of trout, but supple enough to work quickly with while you have a fly in your vise.

Available in the standard UTC library of colors, this wire comes in standard spool sizes as well.

  • Durable strength
  • Non-tarnishing quality
  • Perfect for a variety of fly tying patterns
  • Multiple color options

Wapsi UTC Ultra Wire - Ultra Wire is a key ingredient in so many successful fly patterns that it may just be not only the hottest material in fly tying but one of the most often used materials. 

Ultra wire is a non-tarnishing copper wire. It is available in a tremendous range of colors and sizes. Use Ultra wire for ribbing, weight, flash, wire bodies, and dubbing brushes.