RIO Suppleflex Tippet

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The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is incredibly strong, with excellent knot strength and, as its name suggests, unbelievably soft and supple. A featherweight presentation does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. Available in 4X - 7X, the Suppleflex is the perfect choice for the trout angler fishing with smaller flies.

SKU        Total Length       Line Size  Leader Tippet Material  Test     Diameter                            

6-22040 30yd 27.4m       7X           Nylon    2.0lb 0.9kg          0.004in 0.102mm            

6-22041 30yd 27.4m       6X           Nylon    3.0lb 1.3kg          0.005in 0.127mm            

6-22042 30yd 27.4m       5X           Nylon    4.7lb 2.1kg          0.006in 0.152mm            

6-22043 30yd 27.4m       4X           Nylon    6.1lb 2.7kg          0.007in 0.178mm