RIO Saltwater Shock Tippet

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The Saltwater Shock Tippet is made with an ultra hard, heavy, shock tippet material. Available in 30 lb - 100 lbs, the Saltwater Heavy Shock also features bite resistant nylon, making it the perfect option Tarpon and Billfish.

SKU        Total Length       Line Size               Leader Tippet Material Test        Diameter                            

6-22130               60ft 20m              30lb       Nylon    30lb 15kg             0.022in 0.558mm            

6-22131               60ft 20m              40lb       Nylon    40lb 20kg             0.024in 0.621mm            

6-22132               60ft 20m              50lb       Nylon    50lb 25kg             0.028in 0.710mm            

6-22133               60ft 20m              60lb       Nylon    60lb 30kg             0.032in 0.824mm            

6-22134               60ft 20m              80lb       Nylon    80lb 40kg             0.035in 0.902mm            

6-22135               60ft 20m              100lb     Nylon    100lb 50kg           0.040in 1.106mm