RIO Powerflex Tippet

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The RIO Powerflex Tippet features superb knot strength, stretch and suppleness to make this the finest nylon tippet for any fly fishing setup. Made from co-polymer PTFE coating, this tippet's light grey color enhances its camouflage ability on the water. Available from 8X to 60lb, the Powerflex is ideal for all species.

SKU          Total Length     Line Size  Leader Tippet Material Test      Diameter                            

6-22000   30yd 27.4m     8X           Nylon    1.5lb 0.7kg          0.003in 0.076mm                            

6-22001   30yd 27.4m     7X           Nylon    2.4lb 1.1kg          0.004in 0.102mm                            

6-22002   30yd 27.4m     6X           Nylon    3.4lb 1.5kg          0.005in 0.127mm                            

6-22003   30yd 27.4m     5X           Nylon    5.0lb 2.3kg          0.006in 0.152mm                            

6-22004   30yd 27.4m     4X           Nylon    6.4lb 2.9kg          0.007in 0.178mm                            

6-22005   30yd 27.4m     3X           Nylon    8.2lb 3.7kg          0.008in 0.203mm                            

6-22006   30yd 27.4m     2X           Nylon    10lb 4.5kg           0.009in 0.229mm                            

6-22007   30yd 27.4m     1X           Nylon    13lb 5.9kg           0.010in 0.254mm                            

6-22008   30yd 27.4m     0X           Nylon    15lb 6.8kg           0.011in 0.279mm            

6-22009   30yd 27.4m     20lb       Nylon    20lb 9.0kg           0.013in 0.330mm                            

6-22010   30yd 27.4m     25lb       Nylon    25lb 11.4kg         0.015in 0.381mm            

6-22011   25yd 22.9m     30lb       Nylon    30lb 13.6kg         0.017in 0.432mm                            

6-22012   25yd 22.9m     35lb       Nylon    35lb 15.9kg         0.019in 0.483mm            

6-22013   20yd 18.3m     40lb       Nylon    40lb 18.2kg         0.021in 0.533mm                            

6-22015   15yd 13.7m     50lb       Nylon    50lb 22.7kg         0.023in 0.584mm                            

6-22014   13yd 11.9m     60lb       Nylon    60lb 27.3kg         0.025in 0.635mm