RIO Hard Mono Saltwater - Guide Spool

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An ultra-hard, tough nylon tippet. Ideal for large flies and tough winds.

  • Tough saltwater tippet material

  • Ideal for casting the largest of flies

  • For casting in the toughest of winds

  • Easiest of all hard tippet materials to knot

KU          Total Length       Line Size               Leader Tippet Material Test        Diameter                            

6-22428               110yd 100m       12lb       Mono    12lb 6kg               0.015in 0.381mm            

6-22429               110yd 100m       16lb       Mono    16lb 8kg               0.018in 0.457mm            

6-22430               110yd 100m       20lb       Mono    20lb 10kg             0.021in 0.533mm