RIO Fluoroflex Trout Leader

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    RIO's trout Fluoroflex leaders are made of 100% fluorocarbon, and are the perfect solution for when a nearly invisible presentation is required in clear water and for spooky fish. Each leader has high abrasion resistance and excellent tensile and knot strength, and have a long butt section that will turn over flies effortlessly.
  • 100% fluorocarbon for the utmost in stealth
  • Long butt section for great turnover and presentation
  • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt for quick rigging

X Size    Leader Tippet Material Test        Tippet Diameter Butt Diameter

7x           Fluorocarbon     2lb 0.9kg              .004in .102mm 0.018in 0.457mm            

6x           Fluorocarbon     3lb 1.4kg              .005in .127mm 0.020in 0.508mm            

5x           Fluorocarbon     4lb 1.8kg              .006in .152mm 0.020in 0.508mm

4x           Fluorocarbon     5lb 2.3kg              .007in .178mm 0.020in 0.508mm            

3x           Fluorocarbon     6lb 2.7kg              .008in .203mm 0.020in 0.508mm            

2x           Fluorocarbon     8lb 3.6kg              .009in .229mm 0.022in 0.559mm            

1x           Fluorocarbon     10lb 4.5kg           .010in .254mm 0.022in 0.559mm            

0x           Fluorocarbon     12lb 5.5kg           .011in .279mm 0.022in 0.559mm

Ideal for:

  • Spring Creeks
  • Clear Lakes
  • Spooky Trout