RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

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Nearly invisible to fish, the Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is ultra strong, incredible supple and ties excellent knots, even to nylon tippet and leaders. Made from the thinnest fluorocarbon on the market, the Fluoroflex Plus' strength makes for great trout material.

SKU        Total Length       Line Size  Leader Tippet Material  Test     Diameter  MSRP              

6-22307  30yd 27.4m      7X           Fluorocarbon     2.5lb 1.2kg          0.004in 0.102mm            

6-22306  30yd 27.4m      6X           Fluorocarbon     3.6lb 1.7kg          0.005in 0.127mm            

6-22305  30yd 27.4m      5X           Fluorocarbon     5lb 2.4kg              0.006in 0.152mm            

6-22304  30yd 27.4m      4X           Fluorocarbon     7lb 3.3kg              0.007in 0.178mm            

6-22303  30yd 27.4m      3X           Fluorocarbon     8.5lb 3.9kg          0.008in 0.203mm            

6-22302  30yd 27.4m      2X           Fluorocarbon     12lb 6kg               0.009in 0.229mm            

6-22301  30yd 27.4m      1X           Fluorocarbon     13lb 5.9kg           0.010in 0.254mm            

6-22300  30yd 27.4m      0X           Fluorocarbon     15lb 6.8kg           0.011in 0.279mm