RIO Bass Tippet

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RIO’s Bass Tippet is a medium stiff tippet material with great abrasion resistance. It is ideal for casting bigger flies like Clouser minnows and poppers, and tough enough to withstand being scraped over rocks and submerged trees.

SKU        Total Length       Leader Tippet Material Test        Tippet Diameter                              

6-22016 30yds / 27.4m Nylon    8lbs / 3.6kg         0.011in / 0.279mm         

6-22017 30yds / 27.4m Nylon    10lbs / 4.5kg      0.012in / 0.305mm         

6-22018 30yds / 27.4m Nylon    12lbs / 5.4kg      0.014in / 0.356mm         

6-22019 30yds / 27.4m Nylon    16lbs / 7.3kg      0.015in / 0.381mm